city guide

October 7, 2019

Jakarta City Guide: Everything you need to know about visiting Jakarta

Jakarta is less than a 4 hr flight from Perth and has TONS to offer. Some of the best rooftop bars I’ve seen, incredible shopping, a huge amount of local culture, such a cool hipster generation, and a crazy amount of accommodation options to choose from. Yeah the traffic is insane, the streets can be dirty, there’s been some decent security concerns over the past two decades.. oh and it’s sinking at a rate of 17 centImetres a year...
November 1, 2019

Muscat, Oman Travel Guide: Everything you need to know about visiting Muscat and Surrounds

Whenever I think of our time in Oman, I’m filled with warm fuzzing feelings of magical Arabian nights; Nighttime breezes full of frankincense, palm trees blowing in the sea breeze rolling over the Gulf of Oman, twinkling orange lights from traditional Omani buildings, sunset reflecting off the sheer cliffs of the mountain side.
November 2, 2019

Seoul City Guide: Everything you need to know about visiting Seoul

Seoul was one of those places that was always 'on the list' but never too far at the top. Don't get me wrong... it looked amazing but I thought maybe it would be a little too similar to Tokyo, Taipei or Shangai. Boy, was I wrong...
November 19, 2019

72 hours in Seoul: The Ultimate 3 day Itinerary

In true @roam_y style, back in September I took full advantage of the Queens birthday long weekend in Australia. I added an extra 0.5 days of leave and spent 72 hours (exactly, actually!) in Seoul, South Korea. Here's how I did it...